5 Hilarious Greek Sayings

GWS Quote - The Bride Farted

Greek sayings are known to be witty and humorous, sometimes a bit naughty but always very, very true!

They are used to traditionally describe every aspect of our lives, from birth to death and they extract valuable lessons learned by the Greeks since, oh well… forever!

Wedding-Related Greek Sayings

Here are 5 Greek sayings about weddings and married life:


Greek: “Το λέω στη νύφη για να το ακούσει η πεθερά”

Greeklish: To leo sti nifi gia na to akousi i pethera

English: I am telling the bride for the mother in law to hear

Picture this: You are in the kitchen, in your mom’s house and you are drinking coffee and eating cookies with your mom and mother in law. Your mother in law makes a mess and all the cookie crumbs fall on to the floor.

What would your mom do? Speaking as a true Greek she would probably yell at YOU for making a mess on the floor with all the cookie crumbs. Yes, yes, you! She couldn’t possibly yell at your mother in law, could she? But by giving you the blame, your mother in law will hear this and be more careful without directly being offended. Smart. Continue reading

Eleni and Ross – A Greek Italian Wedding

Eleni and Ross - Greek Italian Wedding

Eleni and Ross married on 29 June 2013 at Saint Stephens Catholic Church and also at Saint George Greek Orthodox Church in Brisbane, Australia

Eleni (the gorgeous bride in this photo) is a primary school friend of mine. We go way back to grade three together and I vividly remember how envious I was of Eleni and her sticker book. She had the best stickers any eight year old girl could ever imagine. Detailed and perfectly organised pages and pages of stickers. The kind that no one else had. The kind that every girl wanted. Twenty-something years on, Eleni is still a lover of beautiful things and she has an amazing attention to detail.

Eleni and her handsome hubby Ross had two ceremonies on their wedding day. Eleni is Greek Orthodox and Ross is Italian Catholic. Rather than choosing one religion, the beautiful couple decided to get married in two different Churches. I was very excited to learn more about their unique wedding story, so I asked Eleni for an interview. Here is what she said:

Eleni and Ross - Greek Italian Wedding

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Gemista Stuffed Tomatoes – Greek Cooking Challenge Recipe 8

How to Be A Good Greek Cook - Join the #GreekCookingChallenge in 2014

How to Be A Good Greek Cook – Join the #GreekCookingChallenge in 2014

Greek Cooking Challenge

August 2014


Gemista Stuffed Tomatoes - Greek Cooking Challenge
This month we are making Gemista which is also known as stuffed tomatoes. You can use this recipe to make stuffed eggplant, stuffed zucchini or stuffed any kind of vegetable you like.

What I love about this dish is that it is that Gemista can be stuffed with your favourite meats or adapted to be a tasty vegetarian or vegan meal. It can also be cooked completely gluten free and is sometimes considered paleo.

The Gemista recipe I have chosen for this month is written by Panos from the blog Cook Me Greek. Panos cooks with his mother in their family taverna in Greece and writes about his family recipes and cooking tips.

Join the Greek Cooking Challenge and share your cooking photos with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #GreekCookingChallenge

Gemista - Greek Cooking Challenge


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