Are Easter Candles Superficial and Materialistic?

Are Easter Candles Superficial and Materialistic-One of my articles has been published on the Orthodox Christian Network. It is titled: Are Easter Candles Superficial and Materialistic?

I would love to know your thoughts about this topic. Do you buy decorated candles or do you prefer to just get the plain white ones from Church?

Sia Aristidou is fascinated by the rituals and traditions celebrated in Greek culture. She writes about love, marriage, family and tradition and sells beautiful handmade wedding gifts at the Greek Wedding Shop.
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Ari’s Baptism Day – My Son Was Christened at the Greek Orthodox Church of St George

Ari's Christening

Ari’s Baptism Day

I have been meaning to share these photos for a while now. My son’s baptism was back in January. Being a mum means that you get busy and distracted and sometimes blogging a post like this one takes a few months to complete. Thank you to the lovely readers who have sent me emails asking to see photos. I hope that the tips and photos in this story help you to plan for your own child or God child’s christening. Here it is… finally… the story of my son’s christening day. 

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Can You Use Old Touli For A Baby’s Baptism?

Butterfly Chic Girlst Christening SetHere is a question from one of our readers:

“Hi Sia.

Love your Greek traditions blog.

I have a question that I can’t find the answer to and the oldies in the family seem to be at odds with each other over what’s right and not. I wanted to use my wedding veil to be a part of the lambatha for our baby’s baptism. It got a little damaged at the edges at the wedding thanks to my bracelet catching on it and it’s made from nice touli that would be elegant on a lambatha.

 Is this, as far as you know, ok to do? My mother says no, cause it’s bad luck, my aunty says yes why not it’s better than leaving it unused in the cupboard.

Thanks in advance for you point of view.”

Lets Go Sailing

Hi Yvonne,

Thank you for your email and your lovely feedback about my blog.
Here is my opinion:
The Christening lambatha is supposed to be purchased by the God Parents or sponsors of the baby/adult that is being baptised. So, technically it should be the choice of the God Parent. Here is a list of all the items that the God Parent should bring along to a baptism: What Should God Parents Buy For A Christening?
Having said that, a lot of people these days will involve the parents of the child in the purchasing decisions so that the candle, bombonerie and other items match the theme of the party.
From a religious perspective, candles should not be decorated at all. When I was planning my son’s christening, I received a checklist from the Church with information about the christening and it said “do not decorate the candle as it is distracting’.
I’m in the business of selling wedding and christening candles, so of course, my candle was decorated! Every christening that I have ever attended have always had beautifully decorated candles.
Decorating the Christening candle is a cultural tradition rather than a religious tradition. For this reason you are free to do what you like.
For my son’s christening, we used the tulle that came from the box that his outfit was sent it. It was lovely tulle and it worked with our theme. As your aunty says there is not point leaving the tulle unused in the cupboard. It’s a shame to let beautiful things go to waste.
If you would like to do something special with your veil, I can suggest a few other ideas:
  • Donate the veil to Angel Gowns – a voluntary organisation that uses old wedding dresses to make outfits for babies who have left this world too early. 
  • Sell the veil online – gumtree or ebay.
  • Give the veil to a friend or relative getting married – it can be their ‘something borrowed’.
  • Cut the tulle up and use it for bombonerie.
  • Keep it in your cupboard. Try it on once a year on your wedding anniversary and reminisce your wedding day.
Do what you think is best.
Do you have any other suggestions or ideas?

Please share in the comments below.


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Sia Aristidou is fascinated by the rituals and traditions celebrated in Greek culture. She writes about love, marriage, family and tradition and sells beautiful handmade wedding gifts at the Greek Wedding Shop.
Connect with Sia on Facebook or say hello on Twitter. You may also like to subscribe to the Greek Weddings & Traditions blog or join the Greek Cooking Challenge.

A Greek Lebanese Wedding Story – Triffon and Pamela

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Is it traditional to give a Greek mother a gift of gold when a new baby is born?

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“Hi Sia,
I found your blog looking for Greek traditions, and I hope you can help me. I’m writing an article for the New York Times about post-baby gifts, and a Greek friend told me that it’s traditional for Greek mothers to receive gold, as a blessing. Do you know if that’s accurate, or do you have any insights into gifts that are traditionally given when a new baby arrives?

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Top 5 Stefana Designers of 2015

TOP 5 Stefana Designers - Greek Wedding ShopLast year was a record sales year at the Greek Wedding Shop. I am very proud of the success and growth that I have achieved with my online business. I couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you for your support. Many of our customers are referred to my by word of mouth and that is truly the best compliment for my business. Thank you for recommending your friends and for sharing the products that you love.

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