Pinning Money on the Bride and Groom

money pinning on bride's wedding dress

Many people say that the pinning of money on the bride and groom is a Cypriot tradition, but my parents did it and they are not Cypriot. Many other non Cypriots have told me the same thing.

So when is it appropriate to pin money?

Ted says: “People wait to see whether the bride’s family starts it off, then close relatives, then friends. Sometimes they pin may notes together and pin one end to the bride and the other to the groom. Other times they put the money and a card in an envelope and pin that to the brides dress.”


  • What is the best way to stick the money together into those long strips?
  • Are you a bride that has experienced this? Did it spoil your dress? Could you still dance?
  • How long does the money stay pinned on the dress for?
  • Can you use any form of money? Cheques? $5 notes? Coins?

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23 thoughts on “Pinning Money on the Bride and Groom

  1. from my experiences the money is usually in the form of $50 & $100’s
    cheques can sometime be seen also

    the 5,10, n 20 notes do not get pinned to the dress as this is PART of the ‘present’ or ALL of it…

    i have seen it being PINd on the dress but that does ruin it if u have lace on it
    the 1 i likd was the actually sewed it on (needle n thread) but as they did they wood also pin part of the actually dress therefore taking the weight off the lace….the dress came out almost unharmed

    it does get difficult to move around though….

  2. The money pinning is called the ploumisma and its a tradition purely for appearances sake and so that close family and other people if they wish so to give money to the couple and help give them sort of a head start financially for their new-blooming marital life, to help them kick start their marriage financially basically.

  3. No coins, definetely no one-pound or five-pound notes it’s considered tacky and you are well not looked upon very fondly. It goes from 10-pound notes upward. Usually selotape or more usually pins are used to pin them together and then onto the brides wedding dress. The dress can be destryed by the prosses if they are not careful especially if its delicate lace, silk or muslin, especially muslin and lace which are very delicate. After the pinning is done the bride and groom have a dance as they are then get all the money unpinned off of them and the tradition is to stick all the money from the pinning in a white pillow-case! It’s always been tradition to put it in the white pillow-case but I am not aware on why it is done!


  4. Hi my name is Stella and i am Greek.
    As far as i know the Greeks have a tradition to make the bride’s and groom’s bed on the Thursday before the marriage. The women that they make the bed are usually unmarried girls. I do not know the reason why. After the make the bed they throw rice on it and the people that go to see the bed usually women they throw rice and money. The rice is for good luck and fertility and the money is simply to help out the couple financially to start their life.

  5. It is a tradition at my home town in Greece to pin the money on the bride’s wedding dress the week before the wedding.
    The wedding dress along with her “proika” (linen) is displayed to the public, during that week friends and relatives bring gifts for the couple or pin money on a silk ribbon that is placed on the dress.

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  10. Just wondering what the proper song that is supposed to be played while this happenes? we are getting married in a few weeks and we are in need of the song name and artist.

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